Employee Benefits Loan: 5 tips and tricks


Discover 5 tips and tricks to obtain a loan advantageous works when one is civil servant, a credit as much dedicated to the renovation as to the decoration.

1 – Choose the type of loan works

1 - Choose the type of loan works

There are two types of work loans, one is associated with the home loan and is for work of more than 75,000 euros. The other is associated with consumer loans and is aimed at works worth less than 75000 euros. With a home loan, the rate will be more advantageous but the financing will require a guarantee. With the loan for consumption, it is possible to assign the work or not to financing, that is to say that an assigned loan is released only if the work is done while a personal loan allows to obtain the sums freely.

2 – Benefit from aid to civil servants

2 - Benefit from aid to civil servants

Many financial assistance is offered to public service workers to enable them to carry out work in their personal housing, it can be loans favored as those offered by mutuals , by credit unions. retreats or the housing improvement loan. These aids can provide advantageous conditions, often with more attractive rates.

3 – Use your CEL to get a better rate

3 - Use your CEL to get a better rate

The home savings account is a savings product intended for the realization of works, it makes it possible to place each month of the money aside to be able then to request a loan work and to use the amount in order to inflate the amount of work or reduce the amount of the loan. The interest is that it allows to benefit from more interesting rates than for conventional work loan, it is an interesting solution when a home savings account has been opened in the past of course.

4 – Take advantage of tax credits

4 - Take advantage of tax credits

If borrowing is necessary to do some work, some home improvements allow to take advantage of a tax credit, the CITE (tax credit and energy transition), it allows to recover after the fact a portion of the sums invested and reduce the amount of its tax charges. There are, however, conditions that must be met in order to take advantage of this tax reduction, particularly as regards the nature of the work to be done, the latter must be related to energy savings, a detailed list is available on the government website. .

5 – Simulate and compare work loans on the internet

5 - Simulate and compare work loans on the internet

Being an official (territorial, contract, trainee, incumbent …) is a real advantage with banks and credit organizations, so it is advisable to apply for a loan comparator works to both get several offers at the same time but also choose the better financing. The conditions are often advantageous for public borrowers, especially when the credit organizations are specialized in the financing of works for civil servants. The service offered by the comparator is free and without commitment.

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