Foreign currency loans – Good Finance supports re – assistance to creditors

Good Finance will not let foreign currency creditors go after three years, so whatever decision is made to help them at the cabinet meeting will be supported by the government, Gabriella Selmeczi said at a press conference in Budapest on Wednesday.

The government’s meeting is also taking place at these moments

The government

A Good Finance spokesman recalled that the government’s meeting is also taking place at these moments, where they will discuss how to further assist foreign currency debtors.

Tibor Navracsics, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration and Justice, spoke last Tuesday about the government’s search for a way to amend foreign currency loan agreements by law.

It is not yet known which variation the government will choose


But whichever one it chooses, it will take into account social and economic considerations, including the load capacity of banks, and will be supported by Good Finance because it will not release foreign currency borrowers, ”said Gabriella Selmeczi, mentioning early repayment, exchange rate hurdles and asset management as part of the Cabinet’s actions to date.

The spokesman described the issue of foreign currency borrowers as one of the most serious legacies of the Gyurcsany-Bajnai governments, adding that “the failed left” is now trying to shift its responsibility to the current cabinet, while “the population’s dramatic “With which he” put these families on a ticking bomb, with zero help. ”
Gabriella Selmeczi also added that there is no word on foreign currency borrowers in the current “leftist agreement”. He thinks this may be because they are not interested or do not want to disclose their ideas.

A Good Finance spokesman was also asked


That the Hungarian Nation wrote on Wednesday that the Békés County Prosecutor’s Office had been prosecuted for extremely damaging fraud and private document forgery in the days before, who in 2005 set up broadband internet networks without paying or overcharging. In MSZP-SZDSZ-controlled settlements, in a micro-region. In her response, Gabriella Selmeczi said: “It looks like the mafia side’s affairs are coming from week to week.”

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