How to raise money to buy a car without getting in debt? See the best option!

Relying on public transportation or taxi to get around the cities is not always comfortable. In addition to expenses, there are inconveniences such as waiting time, slow traffic and the insecurity of walking on the streets. For these and many other reasons, the dream of many Brazilians is to buy their own vehicle, whether new or semi-new.

The advantages are numerous. After all, who doesn’t want to do their itineraries more freely? However, to make this dream come true there is an important challenge: how to raise money to buy a car. Many people strive for this but fail to gather enough value.

If you are one of them, stay tuned to the tips we brought in this post and learn how to change this situation once and for all. Come on?


Get rid of debt

Get rid of debt

The first step of the financial organization is to get out of the red. Being in debt does not mean that the dream of buying a car is impossible. It may need to be postponed, but with discipline and planning, you will find that this achievement is closer than expected.

Keeping up with bills and getting rid of debt is not always easy, but we can help. Start by listing everything you owe. This step seems obvious but many indebted people avoid doing so as not to have to face the problem. Thus, the debts increase and the person ends up more tangled than he should.

Even with fear, make a list of the accounts you have overdue. This attitude is critical to understanding the size of the difficulty and initiating change. That done, evaluate your payment terms and negotiate with the lenders. Generally, the most viable option is to parcel out the value, but if you can raise some money and negotiate discounts for the cash payment it is worth it.


Start the organization

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For those who have no debt or have solved their problems with them, the time has come to organize financial life. One of the biggest reasons for indebtedness is the lack of control of the domestic budget. And this happens for basic failures, such as not taking note of frequent spending or exceeding credit card limits.

The financial organization begins with recording your sources of income and monthly costs. Nowadays there are mobile apps that help in this task. It can also be done in spreadsheets on the computer or even manually in a calendar or notebook. The important thing is that you find the easiest tool and make it a habit to write down daily what you spend.

At first, it can be difficult to keep that commitment. However, it is crucial to recognize the importance of this. After all, if you fail to track cash inflows and outflows you will never know where your salary is going at the end of the month. Anyone who wants to fulfill consumer dreams needs to have this information.

So, hands-on! Record how much you earn and write down the fixed bills you need to pay. Then keep an eye out for variable expenses. Bought a lunch near work? Write down Was it in a restaurant for fun after-service? Record how much you spent. At the end of the month, you will be able to analyze the moves and make more informed decisions about your money.


Set up a financial plan

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Once you’ve organized your budget, it’s time to really plan what to do with your finances. In the previous step you just logged everything in and out of your monthly account. Now is the time to evaluate the notes and reflect on how your salary is being used.

Want to know how to raise money to buy a car? Look at your records and divide your spending into categories (apps can already do it for you). It is easier to plan finances when you know what is being spent on food, transportation, housing, leisure, etc.

Looking at costs this way you can see where you can cut spending. For example, did you hire phone, television and internet plans? Do you use everything they offer or is it possible to cancel or at least switch to cheaper options? If so, this is a way to make more money for your future projects, such as the car.

Another factor that greatly influences financial loss is consumption, especially when the person relies too much on the credit card. If so, it’s worth looking into the invoice and seeing which categories it is extrapolating into. When it comes to raising money, it is best to plan purchases, whether it is clothing, books or other personal items. Exchanging leisure spending for free or cheaper options is also a good tip.


Make a consortium

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Did you like the guidelines for making more money, but don’t know how to set up savings for the future? This problem is common. Many people simply cannot reserve value and avoid tampering with it. In these cases, the reserve ends up being used when a need or even a consumerist impulse arises.

We also have a solution to this difficulty. The consortium in these cases acts as a “forced” investment, in which you are assured that the money will be saved every month and will serve the sole purpose of buying the car. This makes it the best alternative to purchase the vehicle without unbalancing your finances.

You can choose a carpool quota that fits in your pocket and make payments with peace of mind knowing that you are approaching the realization of a dream. So every month you invest in your future. Best of all, it pays no interest for it, as it would be in the case of financing the good.

With all these tips you already know how to raise money to buy a car. Certainly, the achievement of this achievement is much more special when there is no financial imbalance or indebtedness. Put our guidelines into practice and enjoy your vehicle!

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