2015 FSHD Champions annual meeting

Westin_waterfront_with_st-The_Westin_Boston_Waterfr-20000000001541819-500x375The FSHD Champions, an international alliance of organizations that fund and advocate for FSHD research, will have its annual meeting immediately following the FSH Society’s 2015 International Research Consortium workshop. The leadership of these organizations will meet to discuss global collaborative initiatives to accelerate FSHD research, awareness and funding. For more information, click here.

Extracting the Big Picture from the 2014 International FSHD Meeting

Check out Greg Block’s post at the Friends of FSH Research website about the FSH Society’s FSHD International Research Consortium meeting: “Extracting the Big Picture from the 2014 International FSHD Meeting.”

The science we do now as a community is being adopted around the globe. Our experiments need to be creative, and the data need to be robust, reproducible, and right (the 3 R’s).  The tools we develop need to be accessible and sharable. Efforts carried out by independent labs need to be complementary to the forward trajectory of the research landscape, and the need for open collaboration is greater than it’s ever been.